1/2" Figure 8 End

1/2" Figure 8 End


The most common drip irrigation fitting used to end 1/2" mainline. Simply slip over the end of the line, bend the 1/2" tubing over, and slip over the end again.

Customer Reviews

Figure 8 tubing end
The thing works and has never failed after years of use.
1/2" Figure 8 End
I love these fittings, it makes configuring my garden layout so much easier.
High Tunnel Drip
Awesome product easy to install working great in our High Tunnel
drip garden
I love these figure 8,..they are easy to use and work great!!
Farm manager
I purchased a medium kit an additional solid pipe. They were delivered on time and were just what I expected. Very easy to install. It took a few minutes to discoverer that the pipe fittings screwed out instead of in to tighten. You push the fitting on the pipe with the screw all the way toward the center and the screw it toward the hose to tighten. The 18 rows went together quickly and the only "leaks" I had were where the pipe wad not cut squarely. I would recommend this to others. Works great so far.
Mainline end
The figure 8 ends work well. Simple and quick to install. One has to put it further down the tube than you first assume so that you can bend the tube and thread it back through the second half of the figure eight.
Simple but works great
Really simple design but works really well! Also makes it easy to drain the system at the end of the year.
Easy End
What a simle way to can off a main line.
Fast and easy
I've used these for over 5 years and never had one break or fail. They are a LOT quicker and easier to use than wire to end a run of polypipe.

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