1/4" Quick Disconnect Fittings

1/4" Quick Disconnect Fittings

  • Coupler $2.49 14QCCP
  • Tee $3.29 14QCT

Great for landscapers. Move plants from around decks or greenhouses without having to cut the lines. This is a 1/4" Quick Disconnect that is available as a coupler and as a tee.

To connect, simply push tubing into fitting. To disconnect, you need to push the small plastic outer shoulder in toward the fitting body. Place a 1/4" washer over the tubing before inserting in the fitting to use as a tool to assist in pressing the shoulder. While pressing, simply pull 1/4" tubing out of fitting.

Customer Reviews

It really works
The 1/4" disconnect fitting really works. Great product. Now I can easily move my drip irrigated plants as needed.
Easy to use, no leaks,brilliant
This is a brilliant solution to a vexing problem. Gardens change, and now the watering system can change right along with the plants! Try this hack. Start watering with Malida reverse osmosis watering system fittings! Hmmm the push fittings are exactly the same but 80% cheaper. You just have to put up with white not gray.

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