Air Bleed Valves

Air Bleed Valves

  • 1/2" $4.95 VAB12
  • 3/4" $11.95 VAB34
  • 1" $10.95 VAB1

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When installing an underground system in areas that are not level, there can be a problem with the back suction of dirt particles into the emitters when the system shuts off. This can be solved by inserting air bleed valves at high points in the system. Air bleed valves will automatically open when the pressure drops below 5 PSI, allowing air to enter the line, breaking any vacuum that has developed.

Air bleed valves are also installed at the high points on any mainline to prevent air locks. When water starts to flow, the air is forced out of the air bleed valve. When water hits the valve, the valves closes and the water flows freely through the line.


  • Male pipe thread (MPT) base on all air bleed valves
  • Maximum operating pressure is 80 PSI
  • Minimum activation pressure is 5 PSI (opens when pressure drops below 5 PSI)

Customer Reviews

Air Bleed
Product is as described.

Quick ship and great parts
Parts came fast and they fit perfectly
Sorry to say my air bleeder has leaked from day 1. I have depressed it many times to possibly clear any desbris with no luck, just a wet face. Must be a bad o-ring.
Air bleed valve
I ordered 5. They came quickly and work perfectly. Drilpworks is always perfect.

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