C-Frame Downspray

C-Frame Downspray


The C-Frame Downspray sprayer is a 360° spray jet with a 45°downward trajectory. It is available in 2 flow rates. This part is the head only.

Black: 4.8 GPH @ 10 PSI - 7.2 GPH @ 20 PSI
Blue: 7.0 GPH @ 10 PSI - 10.5 GPH @ 20 PSI


  • Perfect for container plants
  • Covers complete circle
  • Quick thread base
  • Designed to use at the end of 1/4" micro tubing or on a rigid riser
  • Use with SEZ13, SEZ17, SV, STEL-5 or STEL-50

Customer Reviews

Great sprayer
These are nice little sprayers. The blue one has a more even pattern. The black ones spray out in little streams and the blue ones give more even coverage.
Those are great sprayers - they get the plants rather than the ground around the perimeter of the plant.
Love these things
These nozzles lay down a perfect 20" diameter down ward cone and if placed right, they water my garden better than any other low pressure sprinkler I have tried. Plus, you don't have to mess with them like the "adjustable" sprinklers, which I have found change every time the system comes on. These nozzles also keep the water in the raised beds a lot better, the "adjustable" ones would over shot the beds wasting water which is not a good idea out here in the desert. We'll see how the garden grows this year........
C-frame downspray (blue)
C-frame sprayers work great and dripworks has excellent customer service. Thanks
The perfect Misting System
The perfect misting, watering system for a greenhouse in the hot, dry Arizona desert.
Excellent misting system
The perfect misting system for a greenhouse in the hot dry deserts of Arizona.
Perfect sprayer
This sprayer with the low volume, downward angled spray fully saturates potted plants better than drip lines. I use this on all my pots, and have really enjoyed their performance. I even have 11 hooked up to a 1000 gallon smart pot, and it works great.
Slick operators
Look to be a fine replacement for fan sprayers from another company. The rats haven't figured out or started chewing on them yet .... :- )

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