CETA PC Emitters on Stake

CETA PC Emitters on Stake

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These are the only in-line emitters available that are pressure compensating. They are exactly the same as the CETA PC emitters above, but are on 4" stakes. The in-line emitters are all 1 GPH and they can be taken apart for easy cleaning. They have 1/4" barbs on the inlet and outlets. Up to 15 of these in-line emitters can be run on a single line of 1/4" tubing. All of these emitters operate in a pressure range of 10 to 50 PSI.

Customer Reviews

Simple & effective irrigation emitter
I incorporated more than 200 of these single- and double-barb pressure-compensating emitters in my garden irrigation system. The emitters install quickly, and are easy to place exactly where I want the water to go. Several of the emitters (less than 1% of the ones installed) ejected a stream of water rather than the desired trickle. This was easily fixed by unscrewing the cap and re-seating the small washer-type flapper that regulates water flow. After this simple fix, all emitters produce a uniform 1 GPH even in my sloped garden. Highly recommended.
always a pleasure to deal with
I have been ordering your products for 6 years and always find what I need and received the order fast...love the advice and videos!
Great in-line emitter
My favorites, stake keeps dripper out of the dirt
DripWorks My Go To
Finally found what I needed for my drip system. I will be using DripWorks for all my irrigation needs.
In-line Emmitters
I love these little guys, they are the Steady Eddy in my irrigation system, adjustable spray pattern and never clog up, I have had several that have latterly lasted for several years. Perfect for small area watering and work well in Medium or large outdoor pots

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