Filters remove sediment and debris that can clog an irrigation system. We offer a variety of filters to meet the unique needs of your system. Select a filter based on the quality of your water supply and the size of your system. We recommend installing a filter on every irrigation system and will not warranty a system without an appropriate filter installed.

There are two common terms used to rate filtering capability:

  • Mesh is the number of wires per inch.
  • Micron is the maximum particle size that can pass through the screen. As the mesh size of a screen increases, the micron size decreases.

For media filters select the grade of sand that meets your filtering needs.

Home Garden Screen Filters are perfect for small to medium size irrigation systems with a fairly clean water supply. They have a screen which captures sediment and debris present in the water supply. These filters are not rated for use under constant pressure and should be placed after automated valves and timers.

Heavy Duty Screen Filters have reinforced bodies and o-rings allowing them to be used under constant pressure. These are ideal for removing sediment and debris in irrigation systems with multiple zones as they can be placed before a manifold.

Disc Filters are commonly used to filter water from creeks, ponds, reservoirs, water catchment tanks and other sources that contain algae.

Sand Media Filters are designed to remove organic material from large irrigation systems or swimming pools. The level of filtration depends on the sand used in the filter. Sand can be purchased at most building supply stores and is not included with the filter due to the weight and cost of shipping.