When you're not there to turn the water on, or when you forget to turn it off and run up your water bill, a drip irrigation timer can be your best investment. A timer will turn your system on and off at designated times so plants get the steady, consistent watering they need for optimum health and production.

Battery Timers are hose threaded, easy to install and program, and are typically limited to one valve.

High End Battery Timers are commercial-grade battery timers that can operate multiple pipe threaded DC valves.

Electronic Timers can operate multiple 24 volt AC valves and require an AC power source.

Solar Timers are a great alternative to a battery or electronic timer. These solar timers are powered by ambient light, require no back-up power source, and are perfect for remote gardens.

Wind-Up Timers are an inexpensive alternative to a battery or electronic timer. Wind-up timers are great for those who forget to turn the water off

Warranty Notes:

  • Unused timers cannot be returned after 90 days. They cannot be resold as new because of the manufacturer imprinted warranty date.
  • Do not use pipe dope around any automated valves (AC or DC). This can damage the valves and will void any warranty.
  • Always use a filter before automated valves (AC or DC). Debris found in a valve will void any warranty.
  • Bring all timers indoors and remove the batteries during the freezing months.