EZ-FLO High-Pressure Units

EZ-FLO High-Pressure Units

  • 4.25 Gallon $659.95 IEZPR5FX
  • 9.4 Gallon $895.95 IEZPR10FX
  • 1.5 Gallon $289.95 IEZPR112C
  • 2.5 Gallon $379.95 IEZPR3C

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These commercial-grade EZ-FLO high-pressure units are reinforced to withstand the constant (static) pressure or being installed before automated timers and valves. One high-pressure unit can be used to fertigate multiple zones when placed before a manifold.


  • Dilution rates of 15,000:1 to 400:1
  • Ideal for residential and commercial applications
  • Includes a pressure relief valve for safe operation
  • All units include everything you need except the installation coupler. Choose the size and type of installation coupler to meet your needs, sold separately.


  • Pressure Range: 5 - 80 PSI
  • If using over 50 PSI, use tubing clamps to secure the tubing on the installation coupler
  • Rated for use under constant pressure, can be installed before automated timers or valves
  • Minimum Flow: 10 gallons per hour (GPH)
  • Purchase an installation coupler (sold separately) to install into your mainline

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