Flush Valves

Flush Valves

  • Flush Valve - 3/4" FPT $1.29 VFP
  • Flush Valve - FHT $1.29 VFH

Flush valves open when water pressure in the line drops below 2.5 PSI, effectively draining the line when the system shuts off. Draining the line helps prevent prolonged dripping from watering devices, mineral build up, and freeze damage during the winter months.

Flush valves are available with either a female hose thread (FHT) or 3/4" female pipe thread (FPT) inlet.

  • VFH - Can be installed by using either an Easy Loc Tee (ELMT) or an adapter (ELMH) when connecting to 1/2" mainline. To connect to 3/4" mainline use an Easy Loc Tee (ELMT34) or an adapter (ELMH34).

  • VFP - Can be installed by using an Easy Loc adapter (EL34M) when connecting to 1/2" mainline. To connect to a 3/4" mainline use an adapter (EL34M34).

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Excellent Service and Products
We needed to irrigate the 50+ pots on our terrace as we had planned a 2 week vacation. After much planning, I surrendered and contacted DripWorks via chat. The agent was INCREDIBLY helpful! I think we chatted for the better part of a hour, and it's a good thing we did. Had I proceeded without her expert advise, I would not have been successful because I would have missed a couple critically important parts. I also avoided getting some unnecessary items.

It brought a smile to our faces when the "moment of truth" happened and we turned everything on for the first time. Wow! It all worked, and there were zero leaks. We did need to swap out some of the drippers for those with higher flows, but otherwise, it works like a charm.

Should have done this 5 years ago!

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