Greenhouse Misting Kit

Greenhouse Misting Kit


Quick Overview

The Greenhouse Misting Kit includes all of the parts you need to set up an overhead misting system in a small greenhouse. It includes 10 Tornado Misters with anti-drip devices, and can be expanded to support up to 40 Tornado Misters. This kit is great for seed propagation and to boost the humidity in a greenhouse.

This kit is designed to spray 2 tables 10 feet long and 4 feet wide each. It allows you to attach the tubing and misters above the propagation table to trellis wire (not included). Misters should be spaced every 2 feet or less. Each mister comes with an anti-drip device that prevents misters from dripping after the system shuts off. The kit includes 50 feet of mainline tubing with fittings, filter, pressure regulator and 10 Tornado misters with anti-drip devices. With all 10 misters in use the flow rate of this greenhouse kit is approximately 50 GPH. 50 feet of mainline tubing can comfortably feed 40 misters. Complete instructions included.

Parts List:

  • 1 - Tee Filter (FT200)
  • 1 - 40 PSI Pressure Regulator (PRSG40)
  • 1 - Female Hose Beginning (ELFH)
  • 1 - 50' Roll of 1/2" Mainline Tubing (1250)
  • 10 - Misting Assemblies (MEBARB + MEAD + MTFBPR)
  • 2 - Figure 8 Ends (CF8)
  • 1 - Easy Loc Tee (ELT)
  • 1 - Easy Loc Coupler (ELC)
  • 3 - Easy Loc Elbow (ELL)
  • 20 - Trellis Hangers (STRE)
  • 10 - Goof Plugs - 1 x 10 pack (14GP2-10)
  • 1 - Key Punch (PUKEY)

Customer Reviews

Does what I need it to do
Overall, this kit is working for me. I'm using it in a small heated greenhouse to water seedlings. The kits was missing a couple pieces from the t-filter when it arrived. It worked ok without it while I waited for Dripworks to rectify the issue. That said, they had the replacement piece to my door in just a day or two.
Easy to set up
This installed easily and works quite well at keeping things moist and happy. This is my first greenhouse and I think it’s going to do a great job!
Green House Drip Kit
Very happy with this purchase. They kit was very easy to install and works great for my application. I would definitely refer and buy this product again
Works as advertised
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your sprinkler kit which I recently ordered. It works just as advertised and is cost effective. More people should know about your site and products. Sincerely, Bruce Langner, MD

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