High-Pressure Hose Extension

High-Pressure Hose Extension

  • 3' $14.95 HPEX3
  • 5' $17.95 HPEX5

Many times in designing an irrigation system there is a need to place the faucet assembly (timer, filter, pressure regulator, etc.) at ground level rather than directly on the faucet. This is often the case if the faucet is located in a hard to reach place, or if the faucet assembly is large and heavy. A high-pressure hose extension can be used to lower the faucet assembly to a more convenient location.

  • Rated up to 150 PSI
  • Designed for constant (static) pressure
  • Heavy duty brass FHT inlet and MHT outlet
  • Made of heavy duty and flexible rubber
  • An 8 in. high-pressure hose is also available

Customer Reviews

great product
Super easy to use. I should have bought this for my terrace a long time ago.
Probably the best high pressure ext available
This high pressure hose extension is probably the best on the market. That said, there is a galvanized steel band holding the hose and coupler in place that will rust over time if wet. A better solution would be a stainless steel band. I have never had any actually fail, however. Short hose extensions from big box stores are worthless; very poor quality.
High-Pressure Hose Extension
Excellent all the way around. Very sturdy hose. I would recommend this product and DripWorks.
Heavy Duty
The hose extension was heavier duty and higher quality than I expected. I think it is now the strongest component in my drip setup.
Definitely Heavy Duty
The hose is much thicker than I had imagined. I'm sure it will hold up very well over time. 1 star off because I wish it was just a bit more pliable.

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