IPS Tubing

IPS Tubing


IPS Tubing is a very strong, flexible hose that glues into standard PVC fittings. Its great advantage is that it is very resistant to damage and extremely flexible.

IPS Tubing is commonly used in vineyards to connect an underground water main to the beginning of each row of grapes. When regular PVC pipe is used it can easily be damaged by farm equipment and will likely break below ground at the sub-main, the hardest part of the system to repair.

IPS Tubing is also commonly used to connect the outlet of automated valves to tubing or PVC. It is much easier to use flexible IPS Tubing than rigid PVC pipe in these tight areas.


  • 1/2" IPS tubing glues into 1/2" PVC slip fittings
  • 3/4" IPS tubing glues into 3/4" PVC slip fittings
  • 1/2" IPS tubing 0.546" ID x 0.840"OD
  • 3/4" IPS tubing 0.742"ID x 1.050"OD
  • Maximum pressure for 1/2" IPS tubing is 65 PSI (at 73° F)
  • Maximum pressure for 3/4" IPS tubing is 53 PSI (at 73° F)
  • IPS tubing is not designed to operate under constant pressure. 
  • Install after automated timers or valves.
  • Glue IPS tubing with PVC Glue or  heavy bodied PVC cement.
  • Gorilla Glue PVC Cement should not be used with IPS Tubing.


  • IPS tubing is not designed to operate under constant pressure

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Good product that works
I like how the piping fits into pvc fittings of the same size.

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