Non-Plugging Emitter (10 Pack)

Non-Plugging Emitter (10 Pack)

SKU: DNP1-10
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Quick Overview

If you have a very dirty water supply (pond or irrigation ditch) where a fine screen filter clogs quickly, this may be the answer. Use a coarse screen filter (30-50 mesh) for large particles and the Non-Plugging Emitter will pass particles that would plug almost any drip emitter.

A minimum of 15 PSI is required for these emitters to work properly. Use at the end of 1/4" tubing or installed directly into the mainline. Will emit 1 GPH at 20 PSI.

How the Non-Plugging Emitter Works:

  • Inside the emitter are 2 diaphragms with 6 small openings.
  • When particles block the diaphragm openings, pressure develops and stretches the opening.
  • The particle is forced through the opening, which then returns to its normal size.

Customer Reviews

So Glad I found These!
I've had trouble with emitters plugging so I was so glad to find these. No more need to change them out frequently - no more worries!
Bubbler problem
Had one of these emitters on line for over a year and not one problem. No plugs for any reason. I replaced some adjustable bubblers that kept air locking. Adjust volume with timer and all is well.
as advertised
Large emitters
These are the only ones I purchase now.

I've had it with flag emitters and pressure compensating emmiters, I used to spend a portion of every Monday just checking to see if there clogged.

Not now....

Non plug emitters
Like these guys a bunch. I’ve been running more than 30 of these for 3 or 4 months. They all continue to flow at the same rate. Haven’t had to touch any of them for maintenance.

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