Pot Drippers (10 Pack)

Pot Drippers (10 Pack)

  • 1/2 GPH (Red) $3.95 DPOT12-10
  • 1 GPH (Black) $3.95 DPOT1-10

Pot Drippers are basic drip emitters with a 2" hold down stake and a 1/4" threaded inlet. The attached 2" stake pins them securely in place without the need for wire hold downs. Pot Drippers are great for small to medium size containers.

Note: A transfer barb and micro tubing are needed to connect the Pot Dripper to the mainline tubing. Either 1/8" or 1/4" tubing and transfer barbs can be used.

Flow rates are measured at 15 PSI. Higher pressures will result with higher flow rates.

Pressure compensating emitters that emit the same water flow at varying pressures are also available.

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Pot Drippers
DripWorks service is great. I installed the system around my patio areas ago and my plants say "thank". Service for additions and replacements is excellent.

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