PVC Flex Couplings

PVC Flex Couplings

  • 1/2" $4.95 P12FLEX
  • 3/4" $6.29 P34FLEX
  • 1" $8.95 P1FLEX

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These handy 18" PVC Flex Couplings make PVC installation and repairs a breeze! The schedule 40 PVC slip socket ends glue over PVC pipe, and the flexible PVC body can be bent to accommodate unusual angles making them perfect for those tight corners and odd nooks and crannies in your irrigation system.


  • Flexible PVC construction
  • Female PVC slip socket ends
  • Outdoor, underground use only

Important Notes:

  • Non potable
  • For use with cold water only
  • Not rated for constant (static) pressure
  • Manufactured by Dura Plastics

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