Replacement Screens for Irritec Hose Thread Filters

Replacement Screens for Irritec Hose Thread Filters

  • 75 Mesh (White) $6.95 FYCE75
  • 120 Mesh (Red) $6.95 FYCE120
  • 155 Mesh (Yellow) $7.95 FYCE155
  • 200 Mesh (Black) $7.95 FYCE200

These are replacement filter screens for Irritec Hose Thread Y filter and the Male Pipe Thread Y filter. Screens are made of durable stainless steel and available in 75, 120, 155 or 200 mesh.

These screens are reusable and last multiple seasons when properly maintained. To clean, simply unscrew the body of the filter and remove the screen. Under running water, use a bottle brush to scrub the center of the screen cylinder where the debris collects. Rinse the screen and return it to the filter body.

(for DIG brand filter screens click here).

Customer Reviews

solved my problem
I have a duel filter set up on my drip system because the irrigation water has lots of sand and algae. I started with a 75 mesh then a 155 mesh. The 75 mesh let too much algae through and my final filter would clog in about an hour. Changing to the 120 mesh followed by the 155 has allowed me to irrigate for a total of about 4 hours before I need to vent the filters.

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