Senninger Lawn & Garden Regulators (Hose Thread)

Senninger Lawn & Garden Regulators (Hose Thread)

  • 10 PSI $8.95 PRSG10
  • 20 PSI $8.95 PRSG20
  • 30 PSI $8.95 PRSG30
  • 40 PSI $8.95 PRSG40

Our best selling pressure regulator. It has a compact (3 1/2" long) body made of high impact thermoplastic and a stainless steel compression spring. Preset pressure from 10-40 PSI. FHTx MHT.

Flow Rate: 0.5 - 7 GPM

PRSG10: Max inlet pressure 90 PSI 

PRSG20: Max inlet pressure 100 PSI

PRSG30: Max inlet pressure 110 PSI

PRSG40: Max inlet pressure 120 PSI

Customer Reviews

Excellent compact and durable
20 PSI Sen Hose Regulator
Great product. It definitely makes the pot spitters work perfectly and no line gets blown off.
Drip user
Does the job
works great
Using these on my drip irrigation system and they do what they say they'll do.
works great
I'm using this on my garden drip tape and it does the job. Our well pump varies from 20-40psi, so this brings the pressure down to where it needs to be and gives a consistent flow. I even put a pressure gauge on the system and found it to be right at 10psi.
Always satisfied
Dripworks always provides timely be service and support
No issues installing
No issues installing...will need to see how it performs over time.
5 stars
Product review
Worth the price
Good regulators
Haven’t used these yet, but have used these in the past and they worked good.
Every thing ordered works like a charn.
I love not having to water my wife's plants
Works on 100-psi system
Not much data to report, but our village system has 90 to 100 psi and I've been watering the garden from a frost free hydrant with this reducer and a filter in series in that order. Works fine.
Top Notch Product
I recently ordered the drip tape irrigation kit. All of the products are excellent, including the regulators. There service was excellent, website easy to use and my products arrived within two days.
pressure regulator.
The unit installed easily and works just fine.
Pressure Regulator
Works like a charm!
Great Product
Works great with my drip system that makes my work less!

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