Shrubblers® emit streams of water that can be adjusted from a basic drip up to a 24" diameter. This large spray pattern covers the root zone and helps to water in fertilizers and nutrients. They are adaptable to different sizes of plants and changing water needs. Shrubblers® can be individually shut off with a simple twist of the cap.

Full circle Shrubblers® emit eight streams of water in a circular pattern and are available with a 1/4" barbed base (DSHB), 10/32 threaded base (DSHT), or mounted on a 5" stake (DSHS). A half circle Shrubbler® which emits five streams of water is available on a 5" stake (DSHS180).

Shrubblers® require minimum filtration and can be adjusted from a 0 - 24" diameter. We recommend a maximum diameter of 15".


  • Flow Rate: 0 - 13 gallon per hour
  • Pressure Rate: Up to 30 PSI
  • Watch our video of the Shrubbler in action
  • Pressure Compensating Shrubblers are also available.
  • Shrubblers on a stake (DSHS, DSHS180) include a break-off transfer barb 
  • to be used with 1/4" tubing to connect the Shrubbler to the mainline.

Customer Reviews

Used many Dripwork products over the last 20 years all are excellent but this is my number one go to for home garden for individual plants.
Great product
The best part of this product is the adjustability. Start with a small amount for small bushes, and adjust as they grow--both in amount and placement of the shrubblers.
Very good produc5
These are so helpful for planters!
Subbed stakes
Happy with them. Does the work required.
Shrubbler on 5" Stake 360°
Love these for plant or tree watering
The fixtures are adjustable and cover one or two vegetable plants each. They are easy to clean and easier to adjust. A great product.
works well in the garden boxes
but they need high enough pressure to be really adjustable

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