Spot Spitters (5 Pack)

Spot Spitters (5 Pack)

  • Low Flow (Orange) $1.49 MRSO-5
  • Med Flow (Green) $1.49 MRSG-5
  • High Flow (Black) $1.49 MRSB-5

The 1/8" Spot Spitters provide a 160° cone shaped downward spray pattern with uniform distribution of the water. They are designed for commercial use and are common for container growing or balled rootstock. Spot Spitters are also good for watering large potted plants in residential gardens.

To install: Punch a hole in the mainline tubing where you would like to attach the Spot Spitter. Cut a length of 1/8" tubing to reach from the mainline to the Spot Spitter (keeps lengths less than 10'). Push one end of the 1/8" tubing over the barb on the top of the Spot Spitter stake and insert the bottom of the Spot Spitter stake into the soil. Use a transfer barb to connect the other end of the 1/8" tubing to the hole punched in the mainline. To turn off the Spot Spitter, remove the tubing from the barb on the top of the stake and slip it over the plug on the bottom of the stake.


  • Stake length: 4 3/4"
  • Three flow rates available
  • Shutoff plug on bottom of stake
PartColorFlow @ 20 PSIContainer SizeSpray Radius
MRSO Orange 4.2 GPH 1-3 gallon 10"
MRSG Green 11.4 GPH 5-15 gallon 16"
MRSB Black 15 GPH 15-20 gallon 24"

Customer Reviews

I wish I had a splitter for my Spitters
It doubles or triples the cost of the Spot Spitters to divide a 1/4" line down to 6-8 Spitters. The barbs cost alsmot as much as the Spitter. But they ar4e good, cheap, low-volume sprayers. The built-in off-plug is GREAT. I wish they made 1/4" Spot Spitters.

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