Tape End Plug

Tape End Plug


Use this plug to seal the end of drip tape. 

To create a tight seal, be sure tape is warm and pliable before attaching the 5/8" start fittings (LSB/LSBSO) and end fittings (LSGS/LSPLUG). If leakage continues to occur, a 1/4 turn with pliers should suffice.

Customer Reviews

Great piece
Easy to install. Every one should have fancy end plugs.
Recent orders
I placed an order online after hours. I later realized I needed to add to the order and wanted to avoid additional shipping costs. I called the next morning and they went out of their way to make sure to complete my order and I was 100% satisfied.
Drip end plugs are GREAT
The drip end plugs that we bought from DripWorks that have a formed loop in the end are the absolute BEST thing! they work, don't leak, and provide an anchor spot to stake down those pesky drip tapes. Perfect. I'll be buying more.
Best plug available. Very easy to use and reuse.
Added to drop tape kit
Love the drip tape kit for row crops. This year I just needed some extra tape and fittings to add on to my kit., I think I saved a few dollars.
Market Garden Mainstay
We've recently upgraded to Dripworks irrigation from our old broadcast watering method. We were so pleased with the results on our initial test beds that we opted to expand our drip irrigation to the rest of our market plot. With the addition of another 40 drip tape ends and emitters, we successfully upgraded the rest of the market plot in one evening!
Great product
Works very well for terminating drip tapes. Simple to use and resists higher pressure. Our community system sometimes sees pressure up to 50 PSI. these plugs held up and work much better than the "folk" remedy of doubling over and taping the ends of the drip tape

Great product
These end plugs work great with no leaks. I use them with the Toro drip tape.
Must admit, I was sceptical as I have tried other brands and they always leak a bit. These put onto John Deere T Tape, with a little bit of extra tightening, have worked like a charm and no drip. Easy to use and dependable.

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