U-Shaped Wire Hold Downs

U-Shaped Wire Hold Downs

  • 10 Pack $1.49 SUHD-10
  • 100 Pack $11.95 SUHD-100

These U-shaped hold wire hold downs are excellent for securing 1/2" tubing, 3/4" tubing, or Drip tape in place. They are easy to use, stronger than the J-Shaped Hold Downs and work well in heavy soils.

  • Galvanized
  • 6" long
  • U-Shaped

Customer Reviews

U-shaped hold downs
Relatively cheap and work great to hold water lines for landscaping fabric in place.
User satisfied
`Product is as advertised---perhaps even better!
Useful in so many ways!
I use these hold downs to anchor deer fencing, conduit for drip systems, 1/4 tubing to individual pots, etc. They work! They last a long time! What more can I say?
They Work Good
I use these to hold down not only my 1/2 inch hose put also smaller ones. Also use to hold down wife cages I make to protect our plants for the deer. The only way to improve them would be to make them more rust resistant.
Wire hold downs for drip lines
Arrived on time, held shape while pounding into hard soil, worked well. Five stars
Great addition
I use these hold downs to keep drip tape and other items where I want them. They work great for many uses and can be reused many times. Some I have are over 10 years old.
Great products, great service -
Love DripWorks, I've bought all my drip supplies from DW for the last three homes I've lived in and they never fail me. These hold-downs are higher quality than what I get at a big-box store and thats if you can find them. These are great and the value for the price is outstanding. Yes, I would buy these again and again!
U shaped hold downs
Excellent to hold drip line through both mulch and loam layers
Fast and reliable
Every time I have ordered from this co. I am impressed with it’s professionalism, products are sent out quickly and arrive a few days after ordering, quality products, you can’t go wrong patronizing this co.
Drip works is a great resource
Everything I have bought from them is great quality. No complaints from several orders
they work - cheap
Hey - what can I say: they are U-shaped & hold down stuff. I have both the 1/4 inch & 1/2 inch varieties. They are plated & last long before having rust issues (I've been using them for many years), & are long enough to hold in softer soils. They are cheaper than the locally sourced hold downs, but shipping weight eats most of the savings. Still better than those I find locally. & the Dripworks folks have been at it for a while, so know their drip stuff.
Work really well
Turn them on an angle to hold down 1/2" main lines. Just the right length.
They last years
I'm a huge fan of everything DripWorks uses. The large hold downs last forever and keep doing the job.
Continued quality and excellet customer service
Our community garden has now made several orders to build out our new drip tape system. The materials have been easy to order and arrived in good condition within 3 days. We look forward to continuing our relationship with DripWorks.
U-Shaped Hold Downs
Works as expected. I'd buy them again if I required more.
Prevents crimping
The U-Shaped Hold Downs work well to prevent crimping the drip tape lines. A traditional squared off hold down does not work as well.
Makes Drip install easy
The U-Shaped Wire Hold Downs make easy work of installing drip tubing by holding the tube in place as it is uncoiled along the bed. After the drip tubing has been in place for a while, and the sun heats it, most of the hold downs can be removed to make it easier to manage the tubes while planting, etc.
well ... they were U shaped and work well for holding down the drip lines
These hold downs are made with very strong steel but are easy to tap into the ground. Holds our 1/2 drip irrigation hose down, covered with mulch so no squirrels etc. can dig up plus they hide it from sun damage
Sturdy Hold Downs
Sturdy and well made U-shaped Wire Hold Downs make securing the mainline a snap. These are slightly longer than the cheap 'landscape pins' - which help keep the hold downs in place. Good product and would recommend!
U-Shaped Wire Hold Downs
I purchased these to hold in place the 3/4" mainline tubing for my garden. Works great!
u shaped hold downs
These are made of very flimsy metal and bend alot when punded into the ground. Endend up throwing alot of them away after they bended. Was using with 1/2 inch imitter tubing. The last manufacturing hold downs were much stronger and worked much better. For t-tape these would probably work just fine.
Easy solution.
Makes it really easy to tie down the tubes.
U-Shaped Wire Hold Downs
I love that these hold downs come in a 100 pack as you can never have too many!!

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