Rain Catchment & Greywater

As water becomes an increasingly scarce resource, people are looking for ways to reduce their water usage, while continuing to grow their gardens. Rainwater catchment and greywater systems are practical and increasingly popular ways to conserve water.

Rain Water Catchment
Rainwater can be harvested from rooftops and stored in tanks or barrels for later use during the growing season. The Clean Rain Advanced Downspout Diverter (FFADV) attaches directly to the downspout of your gutter and reroutes the water into a storage tank while removing leaves and other large debris from the water. This is an easy and efficient way of collecting rainwater, conserving potable drinking water.

Greywater Irrigation
Everyday clean water is flushed down the drain in sinks, bathtubs and washing machines resulting in what is called greywater. In most areas greywater can be reclaimed and used to water landscape plantings. The most common is the "laundry to landscape" greywater system. This simple DIY project involves installing a three-way manual valve (VBB3WI) on the outflow pipe of the washing machine. The three-way valve allows you to switch between routing the laundry greywater to your plants or to the sewer/septic system. We recommend checking locally for greywater applications and regulations in your area.